Diversification, risk management, capital preservation
and consistent long term growth

Private Equity/ Private Placements in matured growing companies and mid market companies having high growth potential.

Leveraged Acquisitions for higher growth using significant leverage in capital structure to finance the acquisition.

Private Debt opportunities to invest in fast growing companies with different return components.

Distressed Investing ensures an opportunity to acquire companies or assets having great potential for future growth.


As an experienced investment advisory group, we are the trusted partner to a multitude of investors which includes banks, financial institutions, HNWIs, institutional investors, general partners (GPs) and limited partners (LPs). We attach great importance to creating diversified investing opportunities which ensures optimal returns and capital growth over medium and longer term.

We do not manage funds directly but we just facilitate direct and co-investing, on deal to deal basis, to a number of alternative and diversified investment opportunities worldwide. Here we, as capital advisors, just match the investor/ lender strategies with multiple and diversified capital requirements of our corporate clients through innovative methods that ensure strong investing opportunities for capital providers.


The main investing strategies include:

Private Equity and Private Placements

Investment opportunities in high growth relatively mature companies and mid-market companies having proven business models, covering all the private equity investment strategies. Please refer Private Equity for more information.

Leveraged Acquisitions

Another most attractive investment opportunity for higher long term growth in capital. Some strategies include Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) wherein investment capital can be used to finance equity portion of the cost of acquisition and balance capital can be raised through significant amount of debt capital (leverage) to finance the acquisition. This reduced cost of financing allows greater gains to accrue to the equity, and, as a result, the debt serves as a lever to increase the returns to the equity.

Private Debt

Long term debt investing opportunities in medium-sized, growing companies to meet their growth requirements through debt capital, covering all the private debt investment strategies. Please refer Private Debt for more information.

Credit Investing

Including direct lending, in the form of a senior debt or junior debt and investing in best rated secured credit instruments of companies, for startup projects and growth opportunities, working capital, trade finance and many other direct lending opportunities. Credit investing in undervalued assets and distressed and illiquid investing are also part of this.

Venture Capital

Investing in start-up, early stage and late stage ventures having high potential for future growth.

Distressed Investing

Also known as Special situation investing in the form of both debt and equity in business opportunities and assets.

Project Financing

Opportunities (both debt and equity) for viable and strong projects worldwide.

Infrastructure Investing

Investing in efficient class of infrastructure assets. Infrastructure investing ensures stable income, protection against inflation and long term growth prospects.

Real Estate Investing

Includes private debt and private equity real estate (PERE).

Assets based Investing

Including leveraged acquisitions, investing in income generating assets having scope for value appreciation and marketability.

Structured Investing

Investing in strategic opportunities and projects.

Fund of Funds

Investing through our global fund placement services.

Our investment and lending advisory services are designed to ensure the following advantages for our lenders and investors.

  1. Direct investing on deal to deal basis significantly reduce cost of investing by contracting away fund management expenses and carried interest without any sizable commitment to funds, however we assist managing portfolios on case to case basis;
  2. Risk reduction through diversified investing strategies in multiple sectors, locations, asset classes etc;
  3. Selection of target opportunity will be done to ensure stable growth in investments through high risk-adjusted long term returns and capital appreciation;
  4. Systematic and scientific selection of investment vehicles through an extensive research analysis by expert team of professionals;
  5. Wide network of corporate clients and investors give access to high quality corporate investing and asset class opportunities in diversified sectors worldwide.

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