Global Fund Placements

Unifinn seeks to place funds in opportunities that provides superior risk-adjusted returns and long term capital appreciation

Unifinn, with our diverse network of Limited Partners across the world, offers Fund Placement advisory services to various Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Private Debt Funds, Mezzanine Funds, Real Estate Funds, Infrastructure Funds, Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds etc (General Partners or GPs) to mobilize the required funds according to their investment strategies.

Our fund raising platform is global with every class of LPs including Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Endowment Funds, Family Offices, Wealth Management firms and Asset Managers. Our extensive LP relationship is our strength which will be a value addition to the GPs to raise the required funds. Our approach to fund placement deals are systematic through scientific methods and after an extensive analysis of various factors before positioning an investment decision. Some of such methods we follow before suggesting an investment opportunity to LPs include:

  • A Detailed study and analysis of offer memorandum
  • Market study and analysis in detail
  • Analysis of Investment Strategies
  • Study of Historic performance
  • Analysis of Sector wise Portfolio of Investments
  • Analysis of risk management capabilities

We always try to understand the portfolio of LPs, their investment strategies, the key drivers and expectations from fund managers. A detailed Due Diligence study will be conducted on GP funds. This will help LPs to make quick and comfortable decisions on the investment proposal. All key information necessary for LPs to make the decision shall be made available on time, allowing for a quick decision and deal closure. This way Unifinn becomes an all-round supporter for GPs raising the required funds from LPs for their investment funds, and investing in viable global opportunities.

An attactive opportunity for LPs

A Low-Beta investment opportunity for LPs in a Strategic Global Fund that provides risk adjusted returns by investing for the shorter term in qualified projects. Some key features are:

  • A unique short-term return model that insures high risk/reward weighted returns by contracting away risk which is not currently offered by any other fund management strategy
  • Short term fund holding, midterm assured dividends, and long term equity returns
  • Investments are secured through investment grade insurance, economic and financial indemnity insurance, sovereign guarantees, investment grade off-take agreements, EPC bonding, performance bonds and/or many other risk mitigation measures
  • The management team has 19 years of fund management expertise with zero credit default and zero loss history
  • A smooth exit is assured by senior lender
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