Financial Consulting

We lay the foundation for a stronger financial position and sustainable growth of your business

It is imperative to provide the following services to our clients, as all these are inter interrelated to the successful functioning of the financial system of any organization. A sound capital structure plays a major role for the long-term growth and sustainability of any enterprise. Plus, selecting the best partners or associates will be crucial in every segment of business. A good consulting service will ensure to use the right decision making process.

CFOs and Finance executives face increasing expectations to help drive profitable growth and align with corporate strategy, all the while keeping a firm hand on reporting and operations. We can help elevate their role through innovative strategies, planning and tactical execution:

Financial Interim Management
Finance Process Improvement
Financial Analysis and Planning
Finance Operating Model
Finance Strategy
Financial Controls and System Development
Finance Performance Management
Corporate Transactions Assistance
Financial Performance Benchmarking

Unifinn provides comprehensive financial advisory and consultancy services. Through strengthening of the finance system with proper monitoring, including a customized control system, we will ensure the most viable source of finance and its optimal & effective implementation and utilization.

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