DNA, Vision and Mission

DNA is a vital biological material which helps to enable an individual’s identity.

Like a human body Unifinn has also its own DNA anchors which defines the corporate identity, nature behavior, attitude etc of the organization. Every members of Unifinn group needs to get aligned with these anchors at each and every stage of their activities. None of them are allowed to deviate from any of these anchors and the underlined information. This ensures a real corporate identity, standard behavior and culture among the members of the group.

Service First
Benchmark Set
Nurturing Talent
Professional Attitude
Compliance and Ethics
Relationship Driven
Adaptability to Changes
Strategic Agility

We strive to strengthen the Global Capital business through effective utilization of knowledge, relationships, manpower and opportunities. We seeks to attain new heights of excellence through quality service, professionalism, honesty, integrity and mutual respect.


We aspire to be a global leader in Capital Raising and Investment Management through benchmark service delivery, value delivery and Corporate Citizenship

  • Act with integrity, do the right thing.
  • Superior customer satisfaction
  • Deliver excellent results
  • Teamwork, motivation and employee satisfaction
  • Promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Build relationships
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