Business Valuation is a process used to determine the economic worth of a business. It evaluates the net present value of an entity, or its equity, at any given point in time. Business valuations are usually conducted for the following purposes:

  • Attracting investors or finance for various purposes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Joint Venture deals
  • Sale of the entity
  • In case of Taxation or Legal disputes
  • Buy / sell agreements for transfer of equity

Unifinn adopts scientific, industry accepted, widely recognized methodologies to value a business or the equity stake, ensuring an accurate valuation of the business. Common approaches to business valuations include reviews of financial statements, discounted cash flow models, market approaches and similar company comparisons. Our experts, with in-depth knowledge and experience in valuations on a global scale, provide the professional and most accurate valuation of your business to support your intended needs. Our wide spread finance expertise and investment banking skill is a unique advantage for our clients.

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