About Unifinn


We provide cutting-edge solutions
to a multitude of industries, sectors and geographies

Unifinn works with leading and reputable business groups from all major industry sectors around the world, in meeting their diverse needs of capital and finance, with a comprehensive range of investment banking products and services which are designed to provide innovative and structured financial and capital solutions for the growth and expansion of their business. We are a trusted partner to a multitude of Banking Institutions, Private Investors, Institutional Investors, HNWIs, Limited Partners (LPs), General Partners (GPs) and Fund Managers across the world, we call them “Our Funding Partners”, through our dynamic and professional approach, coupled with highest level of talent and dedication.

Incorporated in India as a Private Limited Company under the Indian Companies Act 2013, having registered office in Kerala State, Unifinn has an extensive global reach and presence through our associates and strategic partners across major locations. We assist our clients in structuring and implementing a wide range of capital and strategic solutions. Through an integrated approach, we work closely with the investors and funding partners to provide innovative financial solutions and investment vehicles that best fit their respective needs. These solutions are designed to assist companies in every stage of their corporate lifecycle. We aim to understand clearly and concisely the exact requirements of our clients while providing Capital Structure Solutions that are best suited to the client, not only for their short term requirements, but also while taking into consideration their long term needs, goals, aspirations, and the best opportunities available for their growth and expansion.

We believe in intellectual capital as the cornerstone for long-term success. The deep expertise of our team makes us the go-to global Investment Banking Firm.

The core objective of Unifinn is not only to provide a clear solution to the problems or requirements of our clients, but also to help realize their potential or opportunities available to grow and expand their business and to become a market leader.

Our services are diversified into a wide spectrum of industries, regions and business segments, giving us the expertise and direct access to funding sources on a global scale.

At Unifinn we ensure the optimal investment and lending opportunities to our funding partners offering high risk-adjusted returns with highest level of protection and long-term growth. Our team is so professional in selecting the right funding and investing opportunity for various lenders and investors through a detailed study and analysis of each opportunity using scientific, innovative and globally recognized methods of investment appraisal and credit underwriting.  Our collective experience and professional backgrounds in investment banking and capital advisory allow us to identify strong investment opportunities across industries and locations.

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